Companies that decide to adopt Kotlin face challenges and risks as they familiarize with the language and develop their own expertise.

This service is intended to take away those risks by providing an appropriate level of support and guidance during the transition.

The Problem

Uncertainty is bad for business. If you do not know what is going to happen you are going to lose money whatever it happens, because you must be prepared for everything that could happen. So you cannot invest properly your resources or plan the right strategy.

You have already determined that Kotlin is good for your business, but you need to make sure that the transition is smooth and within the deadline.

Our coaching service works as an insurance policy for your plan to move to Kotlin. We will help your developers in creating a good and actionable plan and we will help them if they get stuck during its execution.

You will save time and reduce the risks that something will not work as you expected.

How We Solve It

We assist organizations designing their first Kotlin applications or planning the migration of existing applications to Kotlin.

We can provide:

  • first planning call to discuss your needs and requirement and insure everybody has the correct expectations to avoid larger problems in the future
  • regular calls to discuss the advancement of the project and the issues faced
  • support by email and Skype with a guaranteed response time


The service is provided for a fixed monthly fee, depending on the level of support needed.

The Right Service For You

If you think this is the right service for you you can contact us. Otherwise you might be interested in the rest of our services.