Many organizations needs assistance to benefit from Kotlin rapidly.

While the benefits of Kotlin are clear in terms of reduced development cost and increased code quality still companies have to develop the right skills to collect those benefits.

We are committed to help as many organizations and developers as possible to benefit from Kotlin reducing those costs.

For doing that we provide free content and participates in the community, through open-source projects and discussions.

Developers can use the content we provide to learn Kotlin on their own, on the job, but this requires an investment in terms of time subtracted to other activities. This also require to wait 6-12 months to start seeing the real benefits.

For these reasons companies could prefer use our services to reduce the cost and the risks of adopting Kotlin.

The main services we provide are:

  • Courses to learn Kotlin for Java developers and non-Java developers
  • Coaching we can provide ongoing coaching to development teams which just moved to Kotlin or are planning the move
  • Migrations of Java applications to Kotlin: for a fixed price we will deliver to you a Kotlin version of your Java application, with all tests passing

For more information you can contact us.