What happened at KotlinConf

All the talks at KotlinConf, organized and commented

The KotlinConf 2017 was on 2-3 november and it was a great conference. In this article we are going to present a short summary of the talks with links to their videos. List of Talks Understanding Kotlin Understand Every Line of Your Codebase Introduction to Coroutines Deep Dives into Coroutines on JVM Idiomatic Interop Kotlin […]

Introduction to Coroutines

Introduction to Coroutines: What Problems Do They Solve?

Problem Solution Simplify Callbacks Coroutines Get results from a potentially infinite list BuildSequence Get a promise for a future result Async/Await Work with streams of data Channels and Pipelines Act on multiple asynchronous inputs Select The purpose of coroutines is to take care of the complications in working with asynchronous programming. You write code sequentially, […]

Building Languages using Kotlin - KotlinConf

Building Languages using Kotlin – KotlinConf

I attended KotlinConf to give a presentation about Building Languages using Kotlin. It was an amazing experience. The organization was great, and the whole experience increased my enthusiasm towards Kotlin: I thought it was not possible and I was proved wrong. It was very nice to meet not only other Kotlin enthusiasts but also a […]

Java as your Kotlin Study Buddy

Java as your Kotlin Study Buddy

Switching to a new primary language can be daunting. We know the ins and outs of the language we have been working with for years, and all the sudden we’re newbies again. While this is always a good exercise to put yourself in, and comes with lots of learning, there is also a bit of […]

Review Of Kotlin For Android Developers

Review Of the Book Kotlin For Android Developers

This is a review of the book Kotlin For Android Developers by Antonio Leiva, an Android Engineer working for an international company. When you have to pick an educational book the first thing you have to understand is: what kind of book is whose the book is for When it comes to books aimed to […]

Kotlin Courses

Kotlin Courses: Reviews And Comparison

You have seen the benefits Kotlin can bring to you, however you have to learn Kotlin. You can do learn it on your own, pick a book or get access to a course. The problem is to you have to figure out which course is best for you: we have reviewed the most relevant ones […]

Compile Kotlin to native executables: hands on experience

Kotlin is becoming the one language you can use in every context: it can be compiled to JVM bytecode and reuse JVM libraries it can be transpiled to JavaScript and use JavaScript libraries it can now also be compiled to native code reusing native libraries While the JVM and JavaScript target are already mature, the […]

Kotlin Javascript Target: Use Kotlin in the Browser

Kotlin Javascript Target: Use Kotlin in the Browser

This article is a tutorial and introduction to run Kotlin on the browser, by compiling Kotlin to JavaScript. We are going to see the simplest way to setup a project that use existing JavaScript libraries. We are also going to learn and use the awesome when expression of Kotlin. This expression is quite useful and […]

Why Kotlin Is The Best Language For Android Development

Why Kotlin Is The Best Language For Android Development

Kotlin is the first language officially supported by the Google for Android development other than Java itself. This alone is a significant accomplishment and a clue that Kotlin is a good language for Android. Another good sign is the reception of Android developers themselves to the announcement. In this article we are going to explain the […]

Kotlin vs Scala: Which Problems Do They Solve?

Kotlin vs Scala: Which Problems Do They Solve?

Scala and Kotlin are the two contenders for the Java throne. At the very least they are the two main languages to consider using in a JVM based application. They aim to solve the same problem: providing a better Java but they do it in a very different way: Scala has been designed in the […]