SuperKotlin has the goal to give voice to Kotlin community.

For this reason we are very interested into:

  • Tutorials
  • Articles on Kotlin libraries
  • Interviews to Kotlin adopters
  • Comparison with other languages

In general we are interested in any content that is about Kotlin.

Do’s and  Don’ts

  • In SuperKotlin we published only original content. If you like writing about a certain topic and you have wrote on that topic elsewhere you can write a new version for SuperKotlin but you cannot republish on SuperKotlin the same article you have published elsewhere
  • We encourage authors to link to their blogs, websites, projects and any resource they feel it is useful. No, we do not use “nofollow” links, you get real links

How does it work

  1. Write at to propose your ideas. In this way we can discuss if this is a topic we are already working on and work together on writing the best article.
  2. Once we agree on an idea we will create an account for you on our wordpress installation and let you write the article.
  3. We will review it and work with you on improving it.
  4. Once it is approved we will schedule it for publication and we will go out to celebrate.