Learning a new language is always a good investment but learning the right language can change your career and how you live your professional life.

Kotlin can give you the pleasure you felt when you were learning to program and things started to click in your mind:

that great feeling of being able to get things done.

This article has one goal: giving you directions to save you time while learning Kotlin, so you can start benefit sooner from it. You will thank us later.

Maybe you are in one of these situations:

  • a Java developer that is really tired of all the boilerplate
  • an Android developer that looks a Kotlin as a language that can fit better to mobile development with respect to Java
  • a developer that heard great things about this concise, practical language and want to give it a try
  • a technical leader that need to figure out if Kotlin is worth your time and can help the productivity of your team

Whatever is your situation do not worry, we can help you with providing to you curated resources: everything from tutorial to full length courses.