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Kotlin and WebAssembly

This article is paired with a companion repository. Get your free code while it is fresh. Why WebAssembly is Relevant? For a long answer to this question read our introduction on WebAssembly: Why should you care? The short answer is that WebAssembly can permit to compile seriously complex application into an efficient binary format, that can […]

Building Languages using Kotlin – KotlinConf

I attended KotlinConf to give a presentation about Building Languages using Kotlin. It was an amazing experience. The organization was great, and the whole experience increased my enthusiasm towards Kotlin: I thought it was not possible and I was proved wrong. It was very nice to meet not only other Kotlin enthusiasts but also a […]

Compile Kotlin to native executables: hands on experience

Kotlin is becoming the one language you can use in every context: it can be compiled to JVM bytecode and reuse JVM libraries it can be transpiled to JavaScript and use JavaScript libraries it can now also be compiled to native code reusing native libraries While the JVM and JavaScript target are already mature, the […]