Kotlin and WebAssembly

Kotlin and WebAssembly

This article is paired with a companion repository. Get your free code while it is fresh. Why WebAssembly is Relevant? For a long answer to this question read our introduction on WebAssembly: Why should you care? The short answer is that WebAssembly can permit to compile seriously complex application into an efficient binary format, that can […]

Kotlin For Android Developers

Review Of the Book Kotlin For Android Developers

This is a review of the book Kotlin For Android Developers* by Antonio Leiva, an Android Engineer working for an international company. When you have to pick an educational book the first thing you have to understand is: what kind of book is whose the book is for When it comes to books aimed to […]

Kotlin Courses

Kotlin Courses: Reviews And Comparison

You have seen the benefits Kotlin can bring to you, however you have to learn Kotlin. You can do learn it on your own, pick a book or get access to a course. The problem is to you have to figure out which course is best for you: we have reviewed the most relevant ones […]

Why Kotlin Is The Best Language For Android Development

Kotlin is the first language officially supported by the Google for Android development other than Java itself. This alone is a significant accomplishment and a clue that Kotlin is a good language for Android. Another good sign is the reception of Android developers themselves to the announcement. In this article we are going to explain the […]

Kotlin vs Scala: Which Problems Do They Solve?

Kotlin vs Scala: Which Problems Do They Solve?

Scala and Kotlin are the two contenders for the Java throne. At the very least they are the two main languages to consider using in a JVM based application. They aim to solve the same problem: providing a better Java but they do it in a very different way: Scala has been designed in the […]